ZapMeta 从多个来源搜索多种类型的信息以生成最佳结果。

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The best results from the entire Internet
Most of the time search engines allow you to only search for one type of information at one time. They may have billions of web pages to display, but they only show one set of results. For example, text that is found on the relevant web pages.

ZapMeta searches multiple types of information from multiple sources to generate optimal results. In just one overview, you are able to get web pages, videos, news, products and results seen from Wikipedia. This enables you to obtain a clearer and complete picture of what the web has to offer. With one entry you search for the answer in the worlds largest search sources and therefore get better and more results!

A single search engine mostly searches for one particular type of information. ZapMeta provides full and thorough search results, made up of various types of information.

来自整个 Internet 的最佳结果

ZapMeta 从多个来源搜索多种类型的信息以生成最佳结果。只需一个概览,您就可以从 Wikipedia 获得网页、视频、新闻、产品和结果。这使您能够更清晰、更完整地了解网络所提供的内容。通过一个条目,您可以在世界上最大的搜索源中搜索答案,从而获得更好、更多的结果!

单个搜索引擎主要搜索一种特定类型的信息。ZapMeta 提供完整而彻底的搜索结果,由各种类型的信息组成。

2005 年:推出 ZapMeta
ZapMeta® 是 Vinden BV 搜索引擎服务的第二个国际品牌名称 ZapMeta 现在在全球范围内活跃,并在 40 多个国家/地区提供这些服务的本地版本。